Best Tech Toys for Grown Ups

Best Tech Toys for Grown Ups


What is about a new gadget? I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I see technological advances I feel one step closer to the captain’s chair on the starship enterprise. Holding a new gadget and seeing it go to work is exciting and captivating. Here are some amazing new things to go blow your wad on:

Smartphone Projector 2.0

You can make any room a viewing with this ready to use box that takes your small screen and amplifies it to the size of a flat-screen TV. It’s literally just an empty box with a slot in the top, so slip your phone in and let the fun begin. Be sure to use in darker spaces to get the most detail from the images.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones These gorgeous headphones will win you over with looks alone. They’re covered in soft leather and beautiful stitching with extra-soft pads for your ears. But where you’ll really fall in love is on the second look – there’s no wire. You can charge these for about 22 hours of use and then syncs up to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Scientific Coffee Drip Brewer Are you just whiling the days away wishing for a lair where you can experiment with the very fabric of mankind? Well, then you need this coffee maker to ensure you stay caffeinated in your secret mountain range. The brewer looks like something out of a Tim Burton film and brews coffee extra slowly to extract all the flavor out of every ground.

Think how much more maniacal your evil laugh will sound after a cup of this extra dark brew! Nintendo New 3DS Reminiscent of the vintage Gameboy, the 3DS is a re-vamped version of the former handheld console. With nods to the original like colorful buttons and a tiny nubbin of a joystick, this newer version has a better processor, so the games are smooth and vivid. It also has better 3D effects and is more comfortable to hold. Now you can get busy wasting your time just like the good old days.


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