The Corvette retained its legacy

The Corvette retained its legacy

Corvette called Baby boom or Nuclear submarine because of its furious identity. It runs on one zero two inch wheelbase. You can imagine its power generated by engine like 235 CU in (3.9 L) to 327 CU in (5-4 L) that was so fast on the road of US. Corvette had 150 horsepower output to take it 0 to 60 mph speed within only 11.5 seconds. That’s why race lovers got 10,000 Corvette in a single year of 1954. One of the most popular attractions of the Chevrolet Corvette, was its largely hand-built production and it’s length of 177.2 inches (4501 mm), that was simply beautiful and well-designed, and had two-speed Power glide automatic transmission.

It was also well-known for its highest sale in past decade of Chevrolet (General Motors). Company produced record more than 3500 Corvettes in a year. With technical improvements Corvette got new colors like Polo White with black, Pennant Blue, Sportsman red, and few redesigns in different parts and accessories. Corvette got two major upgrades in six consistent years to keep its class untouched by innovative team of Chevrolet to compete with new entries on the roads of sport cars. The producer company of Corvette upgrade its engine with V-8 is more powerful than past engines. But it retained its own space and fast identity over the years.

Now it comes, the Chevrolet Corvette as in its seventh generation the corvette Stingray or C7, run on hard-earned win in the race of latest technology and improvements with competitors and quite maintained the legacy of Chevrolet sport cars. It is assembled with 6.2 L, V-8 engine that makes 460 hp and 465 lb-ft or torque, with 8 speed automatic transmission and seven speed manual in addition. The wheel size 18*8.5 for front and for rear the set 19*10 inch, wheels made by aluminum and the base curb weight is 3298 lbs.

After the event, the Corvette is running on its own space in sport car’s race with tough competitors. And, maintain the mass of the gathered satisfaction of race lovers and also the drivers of furious cars.


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