Truck Lift Kit Tips

Truck Lift Kit Tips

Lift kits or suspension lifts as they are popularly called are indispensable in the world of automobiles – be it trucks, jeeps or SUVs. They have the distinct ability to raise the height (ride) of the vehicle; thus accommodating larger tires and wheels, enabling steeper approach, breakover angles, departure and a higher ground clearance. Thanks to the raised center of gravity, roadholding is impaired with a reduction in maximum safe operating angles.

In case, you want to raise your truck’s body or add a very large set of tires, a lift kit is the key. Lift kits mainly are available in two types: a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit. Each type is customized to your truck’s unique build, year and model. To be precise, the body lift kit has the fine ability to raise the body of your truck on a stock suspension system whereas a suspension lift kit raises the frame and body of your truck by changing or altering the height of the individual suspension components. Advancement in technology today has made lift kits more easier to handle. The lift kit can be directly bolted onto the truck’s suspension without the need for welding, fabrication or chopping. All you have to do is simply mount the spacers, torsion keys and caps.

Here are a few nifty tips you should consider while using truck lift kits:

Suspension System
When you decide to modify the height of your truck’s rig, take a look at the suspension system. The reason is that your truck’s suspension system supports the weight of the passengers, cargo and the weight of the vehicle itself while freely allowing the wheels and tires to move in an upward or downward direction to compensate for bumps on the road or uneven roads. Most importantly while braking or accelerating, it prevents excessive body dive and squat. For top-performance and safety, it is wise to pair your truck lift kit with truck shocks. The main advantage of truck shocks is that they effectively nullify the effects of traversing on an uneven pavement and thus provide for a smooth and a comfortable ride.

Choosing the Right Lift Kits

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to install lift kits given the complexity of a suspension system. To effectively tackle these kinds of situations, it would be a great idea to call your local automobile professionals or go straightaway to the garage itself. You can save a lot of money by buying the spare parts separately and by just paying for the labor even if you want to have your truck’s height raised professionally.

Sway Bars

The truck’s raised height can sometimes result in a loss of stability and balance of the vehicle. To counteract this, you can use sway bars. Sway bars are ideal for performance driving as they effectively reduce body roll and increase traction even on very tight corners. To facilitate easy installation, look out for mounting hardware and custom instructions. All in all, for best style and performance – use lift kits together with truck shocks and sway bars.

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