Why Buy Diamond Aircraft

Why Buy Diamond Aircraft


Diamond Aircraft are perfect for any personal or commercial flying adventure you may undertake. Not only will you be able to fly in style in one of the sporty designs of your choosing, for example model DA20, where you can also rest assured that you’re flying in one of the safest small aircrafts the industry have to offer. You can check the specs to see for yourself. Included is your choice of an Aspen EFD 1000 or the Garmin G500 GPS system to help get you to your destination safely. Furthermore, you will travel in comfort while you sit in plush bucket seats complete with safety belts. Some optional equipment can also be purchased; equipment like directional gyro with heading bug (requires Autopilot STEC30) and an Engine pre-heater system that simplifies the task of starting the engine in cold weather.



This is your very own private jet. Not only does it have a striking appearance it has the speed to go sailing through the air and travel in luxurious style while doing it. It’s packed with the latest technology like this optional Garmin GWX 68 weather radar system with 12-inch antenna. Some of the standard technology features include an Active Traffic Advisory System, Satellite data link for weather and support for XM Radio in-flight infotainment (subscription required), Vapor cycle air conditioning and gadgets like the Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology to name a few.




For those that like piston powered aircraft the DA50 is your plane. This piston powered craft flies farther without compromising carrying capacity. The Magnum is easier on your wallet to, with a fuel consumption ratio of 6-7 gph while cruising at a top speed of 150 knots. It comes equipped with plush bucket seats and some impressive looking navigational gauges and is roomy enough to seat 4 comfortably. Standard Avionics include a Garmin G1000 two-screen GPS system.


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